Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) is directly affecting EBIT. Liverfors Consulting is offering a program to manage and reduce the company’s Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) by a three phase program following the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle. Common tools like 5S, Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizenm, Capacity Management, TPM (total Productive Maintenance and TQM (Total Quality Management).

The three phases are Assessment, identifying potential improvements and running an improvement program. Based on the outcome of the assessment the next phases are tailored and built to your needs.

Are you interested in getting better control of your Cost of Poor Quality and increasing your EBIT? Please contact us and we will set up a call to present our program and discuss your wishes. In the program we will set up and lead the tailored transformation program until you feel confident to take over, but we will still be there to mentor the organization until closure.

Objectives with the program is to identify opportunities to improve:

  • Strategy for lowering Cost of Poor Quality.
  • How CoPQ is measured and which KPIs to use.
  • Your product development processes.
  • Your production processes and continuous improvements (5S, Kaizen, Lean, Capactiy, TPM-Total productive Maintenance, OEE etc.)
  • Your process to manage non-conformities and customer claims.

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