As per the definition special processes are processes where the product cannot be fully verified without destructive testing. To mitigate the risk of shipping poor quality to the customer you need to secure the right quality, by strictly controlling the process parameters and validate the process.

Liverfors Consulting can help you with improving the structure to manage special processes in general. With our expert knowledge in surface treatment and Adhesive Bonding you can get support to build up a solid process by assessing the process to mitigate the risks.

If you don’t have the knowledge in surface treatment or adhesive bonding in your organization but your suppliers are performing these activities, we can set up the structure with requirement management in the design phase and process validation in the production phase. We can also perform the supplier assessments for you to control your suppliers and train you how to maintain it.

Training in Surface Treatment

We offer trainings in surface treatment managment from 2hrs to 3 days.

Please contact us to further discuss how we can support your business.

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